Executive Coaching

“You cannot grow without structure”, Abuzaid Consulting offers dynamic and structured coaching that will lead to measurable change in behavior and continual growth for individual leaders, teams, and organizations. Change in leadership behavior, as a result of coaching, is measured by the organization. Building on the values of competence and trust, Abuzaid Consulting collaborates with executive leaders to fuel measurable growth in key enablers of their performance as well as their organizational capacity.

Talent Management

We design and execute leadership development programs to boost leadership quality for the full pipeline of leaders from individual contributors to senior executives.

Sustaining quality leadership is a must for all successful organizations. Abuzaid Consulting establishes robust systems that will maximize the likelihood of matching the right talent with organization critical needs.

Personality, aptitude, and 360 assessments have gained wide use in designing and executing leadership developmental plans. Abuzaid Consulting is well versed in identifying the assessment tools that will bring the best results.

Building on extensive and successful experience in capability building, Abuzaid Consulting has a robust array of development programs and tools that can be tailored to the specific needs of organizations.

Educational Excellence

Educational excellence is a must for highly reputable programs. We provide training and guidance on quality assurance approaches and accreditation systems.

Abuzaid Consulting provides highly effective programs that develop and prepare educational leaders.

We design and develop curricula that meets customer needs and using the latest proven methodologies.

Valid and reliable assessment is key to the success of any educational program. Abuzaid Consulting provides training on how to institutionalize and run sound educational measurement processes.